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Welcome to Student Support!

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This site was designed to keep our students, families, and our school community updated with what is happening. During a time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to make sure there was an easy way to access resources.  Our goal is to provide updated resources, mental health supports, activities, and more whether we are attending in the traditional manner or through Distance Learning.

*Please check back often, as we hope to update the website regularly.


Informed Consent

For more on Informed Consent please click below:

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Office Disciple Referral (ODR)


Student Self-Referral

To request a time to meet with one of our Staff Members click the button above.




Teacher-Admin Referral

If you would like to refer a student please click the button above.




Parent-Guardian Referral

If you would like me to see your child, please click the button above.



As an expansion of our System of Care, Stringtown Public School, through the Oklahoma Department of Education’s Project Prevent, provides a community partnership with Riverbend Counseling Services for our students and families.

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If you would like more information about Mental and Behavioral Health Services provided through this program please contact: