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Wood, Mrs. Gina

Wood, Mrs. Gina

2nd Grade

My name is Gina Wood. I graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State
University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary
Education and Master of Education Degree. I have Certification in Early
Childhood, Elementary Education 1st-8th, and Reading Specialist PK-12th.
I have worked in the Oklahoma Public School Systems in a variety of
positions for 29 years. I moved to the Stringtown area in 2002 and began
working for the Stringtown Public Schools as a Reading Tutor for 3 years
and then as a Speech Pathologist Assistant for the next 3 years. I began
teaching full time in 2009. I am currently teaching 2nd Grade and RSA
Reading Intervention. I believe God has called me to teach and I hope to
leave a positive impact on my students lives. I want to make a difference in
their lives and help them become successful and strong academically,
socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I encourage them to dream big and know
that they can become anything they want to be if they try hard, no matter
what life circumstances are around them. All things are possible!

God has blessed my husband Ira and I with three wonderful children and
four amazing grandchildren! Our youngest daughter Kylee attended all
thirteen years at Stringtown and received four Scholarships at graduation,
which has been a tremendous blessing as she is attending SOSU. Two of our
grandsons are attending Stringtown Elementary this year. Stringtown Public
Schools continues to be a big part of our lives!

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